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Potential Club Class (US Sports Class) World Team Selection Policy Changes

The US Team Committee, in cooperation with the Rules Committee and based on responses received through the on-line competition survey conducted last year, has decided to recommend to the SSA Board of Directors at its winter meeting that they approve amendment to the Selection Policy for US Club Class Teams selected for WGC participation starting in 2011.

  • We will no longer restrict eligibility to pilots who have not participated in a previous WGC event, i.e. all participants in Sports Class Nationals flying eligible gliders will be eligible
  • We will broaden the list of gliders which may be flown to generate eligible scores for Club Class selection in our Sports Class Nationals. It is anticipated that most Standard, 15 Meter, and 18 Meter gliders will be accommodated.

We are currently rewriting our Selection Policy to reflect these changes and will publish the text in draft form as soon as possible. A draft Eligible Glider List will be also be produced incorporating these changes. If approved, our selection next fall for the year two pilot for the 2012 WGC will be made on this basis.

These proposed changes do not affect selection of the year one pilot - i.e. selected two years in advance of the 2012 Sports Class WGC in Argentina, provided as currently required that the pilot participates in the 2011 pre-World contest there.

Given that these changes are being proposed, we wanted to disseminate the news as early as possible so that interested pilots could plan their 2011 competition schedules accordingly

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Posted: 9/18/2010 By: US Team

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