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FAA Issues another AD for Blanik L-13

The FAA has issued AD 2010-18-05 dated August 25th.  It is available here.  The reference LET MB is here.

From the AD:

"Since issuance of AD 2010-0122-E, based on further information provided by the Austrian Accident Investigation Board, EASA has re-assessed the inspection method as described in Aircraft Industries a.s. Mandatory Bulletin No. L13/109a. EASA now concludes that the inspection method might not be sufficient for detecting the crack which means that the unsafe condition might still be present even if the sailplane has passed the inspection required by AD 2010-0122-E."


Also stated in the AD:

"Actions and Compliance
    (f) To address this problem, before further flight after August 
30, 2010 (the effective date of this AD), incorporate an FAA-
approved inspection and/or modification program developed 
specifically for this AD. Corrective action is considered FAA-
approved if it is approved by the State of Design Authority (or 
their delegated agent). You are required to assure the product is 
airworthy before it is returned to service.
FAA AD Differences
    Note: This AD differs from the MCAI and/or service information 
as follows: The MCAI requires the owner/operator to submit data 
regarding certain operations including aerobatic operations, to the 
European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) and Aircraft Industries, a.s. 
so they can determine whether further flight is permitted. The FAA 
does not require such data to be collected for operations in the 
United States. The FAA is relying on an inspection and/or 
modification program approved specifically for this AD to detect and 
correct cracks before further flight. Until such a program is 
approved, owners/operators may apply for an alternative method of 
compliance (AMOC) following 14 CFR 39.19 described in paragraph 
(f)(1) of this AD. The FAA will work with EASA and Aircraft 
Industries a.s. to determine if an acceptable level of safety is 
achieved with the AMOC proposal."
For further information read the complete AD.

Posted: 8/25/2010 By: Government Liaison Committee

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