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LET has issued updated SB, SSA is working it

The recent FAA AD (Airworthiness Directive) on the LET Blanik L-13 (2010-14-45) refers to EASA EAD 2010-0122-E.  However, if you contact LET they will refer to EASA EAD 2010-0160-E.   The FAA has not yet incorporated EASA EAD 2010-0160-E into an AD.  The SSA has been discussing with the FAA what it believes are serious problems with EASA EAD 2010-0160-E.  Specifically, the SSA has indicated that the requirements for categorizing flight hours in order to continue to fly the L-13 is not reasonable and has informed the FAA that we believe that no one logs flight hours in the manner required, nor is it called for in the L-13 flight or maintenance manuals. 

The SSA wiil continue to discuss this with the FAA as we believe that the latest issuance in this series of EASA EADs on the L-13 is unreasonable and should not be issued by the FAA as an AD.

Posted: 8/20/2010 By: Government Liaison Committee

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