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Membership Renewal Changes

Providing the best customer service possible is a top priority for the staff here at SSA. Since becoming the Executive Director, Dennis Wright has supported finding the most efficient and cost effective ways of providing services to our members. Over the past few months we have been overhauling the membership renewal process. Our goals have been to reduce mistakes, increase productivity and to give our members more opportunity to renew before their membership expires.

One task that has been changed is the amount of time the first renewal notice is sent out before the member actually expires. For numerous years the notices were sent out ninety days beforehand. Many people felt that this was too much time in advance and that members would forget. The notices are now being sent out forty five days prior to expiration. We hope that the forty five day notices will receive more attention than the ninety days.

There have been numerous comments to staff members about the new neon yellow cards that are being sent in the mail fifteen days preceding expiration. We have seen an increase in the amount of renewals because of them.

On March 30, 2005 Dianne Black-Nixon, Director of Region 2 and First Vice Chair, will be visiting our headquarters to help evaluate the Clubs and Chapter renewal process. We are hoping to find new ways to simplify the task of renewing a chapter. Keep an eye out for changes.

Posted: 3/23/2005 By: General News

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