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NEWS FROM MGI MAGAZINE: New Motorgliders from Schempp-Hirth

The Discus 2T turbo engine is practically identical to the model used in the Discus BT and has proved itself to be reliable in hundreds of Schempp-Hirth sailplanes being flown all over the world. Thanks to the lighter fuselage and wing, the Discus 2T isn't any heavier than the Discus BT, despite its larger main wheel and improved cockpit and crash protection. Tilo Holighaus, the company's manager who is photographed after the maiden flight, described its handling characteristics as "most pleasant". Also from this stable, the Ventus 2 generation continues with even the 15 metre Class Ventus 2A and Ventus 2B reaching the "production sound barrier" of 100 with more orders to follow. Tilo commented: "Originally we had expected to produce just a dozen or so, but having won the last three World Championships the 15 Metre Ventus 2 is hard to beat."

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Posted: 5/8/2000 By: General News

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