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2005 IGC Meeting Report

Competition Development and Quality Assurance Committtee -

International championships are the IGC's core product. The mission of this committee, chaired by Eric Mozer, is to examine all the aspects of our international competitions and to make recommendations to the Plenum if areas for improvement in competitions are identified. The following developments occurred in Lausanne

Class Development

Open Class - Based on a proposal received by the IGC Bureau and the input of Professor Loek Boermans, head of OSTIV, the IGC Plenum adopted as a Year 1 Proposal the following:
1) The IGC define the Open Class mass limits for World and Continental Gliding Championships as the JAR 22 ( CS22 under the EASA framework) and
2) The IGC allow a new Open Class proof of concept single place motor glider to fly at the JAR 22/CS22 design gross weight of 850kg for the WGC 2008 and
3) The Open Class definition for competitions would provide for the changing of spans during the competition, and
4) The new definition would become effective 1October 2006 and remain unchanged and in effect until
a. new JAR 22/CS22 criteria are established addressing future mass design limits or
b. for some reasonable minimum length of time, as determined by IGC, that gives potential manufacturers of a new Open Class design reasonable assurance that their costs of research and development can be recovered through expected sales of the new designs. It is recommended that this period be at least 10 years.

20 Meter 2-Seater Class

The proposal of the German Aero Club to reinstate into the Sporting Code a 20 Meter two Seater class was adopted as a Year 1 Proposal. The delegates were reminded that the Sporting Code calls for a four year process for the introduction of a new class. If the proposal is adopted by IGC in it's year two phase in 2006, the earliest anticipated introduction of the class for records or competitions is 2010.

Micro Lift gliders

An interesting presentation was given by Professor Pierro Morelli on the use of Micro-lift by gliders. It is a available on the IGC website.

Length of IGC Competitions

The German Aero Club proposal to limit the duration of IGC Championships to 14 days was tabled to the CDC for study and a report back to the IGC Bureau.


Time between competitions

The German Aero Club proposal to limit the duration of IGC Championships to 14 days was tabled as a Year 1 proposal to the CDC with a requirement of reporting back to the IGC Bureau.

Grand Prix - Roland Stuck

Roland Stuck reported on the developments of this years first World Grand Prix Championship in St. Auban, France. For details of the event pleas visit web sit at (INSERT LINK). Several U.S. pilots including former World Champion Doug Jacobs have expressed an interest in competing.

No bid was received for the 2007 World grand Prix. The IGC Bureau was empowered to solicit and approve an adequate bid for this event as early as possible.

World Record Review Panel - chaired by Brian Spreckley

The following were adopted as year 1 proposals;

Proposal 1
For all WR flights where there is a requirement for a flight declaration, only electronic declarations shall be accepted.

Proposal 2
To include in SC3, at appropriate places, a requirement for all personnel involved in verification and homologation, except the pilot and OO, to clearly be independent of the claimant and the flight, other than the contact required by this code, to collect data and information for verification purposes.

Proposal 3
a. Before acting in their capacity as an OO for the verification or recording of any aspect of a WR claim the OO must be specifically approved for this role by his NAC. Previous satisfactory performance of overseeing flights that qualify for FAI badges or national records and experience of verification of flight information recorded by IGC approved Flight Recorder is expected.

b. Before acting as an OO for a WR attempt originating outside his or her own country, the OO must obtain written authorization from both (1) the OO's NAC and (2) the NAC in the country where the flight originates.

Proposal 4
For World record attempts any FR used to record the flight of a glider with a Means of Propulsion (MoP) must have an approved system that records the use of the MoP automatically without any action by the pilot. This MoP recording system must not be capable of being turned off or require the FR to have a special type of mounting within the cockpit.

Proposal 5
a. When a FR file from a WR attempt is transferred in the presence of an approved OO, the OO should be required to keep an additional copy of the file secure and make it available to the FAI or verifying NAC if requested to do so. Additional wording in chapter 4, (4.6.4) will be required. This provision should be considered for extension to all higher-level badge flights as well.
b. The procedure outlined in 5a and associated procedures should also apply to higher level badge claims.

Proposal 6
The following actions will be applied to any pilot or OO proven to have falsified information or cheated in any manner to obtain the award of a WR.
a. Permanent loss of sporting license
b. Permanent expulsion from any NAC and thus prohibition against any future
Participation/recognition for badges, competition and/or records as pilot or official.

With either of the alternatives (a. or b.) marked C1 and C2
C1 - Withdrawal of any achievement of records/ badges/ competition prior to the date of the cheating, subsequent to the time of adoption of this proviso

C2 - Withdrawal of any previous achievement of records/ badges/ competition.

Concern was expressed by many of eh delegates over the use of the words 'Permanent' and 'Withdrawal'. The WRRP was charged to review this and make appropriate recommendations for next year.

Championship Management Committee Report Eric Mozer

2007 and 2008 IGC Category 1 Competitions

The Plenum approved the following sites for future IGC competitions:

2007 Event Aero Club Site
WGC - Juniors Aero Club D'Italia Rieti, Italy
WGC - Women FFVV Bailleau, France
EGC - Stand/Club/World Aeroclub Pociunai, Lithuania
EGC - Open/18m/15m FFVV Issoudun, France

2008 Event Aero Club Site
WGC Open/18/15 Deutscher Aero Club Luesse, Germany
WGC Std/Club/World Aero Club D'Italia Rieti , Italy

Organizational support

The IGC voted to change the basic principle for sanction fees to a 'per entry' basis. Reasons given:

1. The sanction fee should become dependent on the number of entries at an event.

2. The nominated Officials (International Jury, Stewards, and Referees) have to be financially independent from the Organizers to enable them to take all actions necessary to maintain the Quality of our Championships.

- Sanction fee is estimated to be between 50 and 100 € per entry (final amount to be based on recommendations from the Business Development Group and approved by the Plenum).
- Entry fees from current bidders for 2007 and 2008 competitions will be lowered by the sanction fee amount ultimately approved by the Plenum

- This change of 1.4.6 will be done, as soon as the mechanisms for Approval and Control of these expenses is developed by the IGC-Bureau, the Business Development group and approved by the Plenary.

- This proposal should be valid for every competition taking place from 2007 and later.

The proposal that was adopted to amend Annex A:

1.4.5 National Aero Clubs will pay sanction fees to IGC on a per entry basis for all Category 1 and 2 events sanctioned by IGC, except for the WGC Juniors,

1.4.6 The travel and living expenses for the International Officials at a Category 1 or 2 IGC sanctioned event (Jury, Referee and Stewards) are the responsibility of IGC and paid by the sanction fees.

1.4.6.a All International Officials for IGC sanctioned Category 1 and 2 events will be selected by the IGC Championship Management Committee.

FAI Centenary Celebration - IGC participation

The first half of the International Gliding Commissions planned celebration in 2005 to commemorate the Centenary of the FAI was completed (INSERT DATE). In all a total of (INSERT TOTAL) was flown by pilots in the Southern Hemisphere between (INSERT DATES OF GLIDING WEEKS) in gliders in the FAI classes.

The winners in each of the classes were: Open, 18 Meter, 15 Meter, Standard, Club, and World

The Northern Hemisphere segment of the IGC Centenary celebration will begin on July 9 and complete on July 24. Flights will again be competed in the FAI classes. Pilots will be asked to submit all their flights flown during this period at the website of the IGC (INSERT LINK). This will take the pilot to the On Line Contest homepage and instructions there will assist in the submission of flight claims. This celebration is open to all glider pilots in the Northern Hemisphere.

IGC Diplomas will be given to the top three flights in each of the FAI Classes. The total kilometers flown will be reported at the FAI Centenary celebration to be held in Paris, France during the week of (INSERT DATE).

IGC Awards

Lilienthal Gliding Medal

Named after the famous early gliding pioneer Otto Lilienthal, this medal was created by the FAI in 1938.
It may be awarded to a currently active glider pilot who has:
- Established an international record during the past year; or
- Made a pioneer flight (a flight which has opened new possibilities for gliding and/or gliding techniques); or
- Rendered eminent service to the sport of gliding over a significant period of time

The 2005 recipient is
- Janusz Centka of Poland.

Pirat Gehriger Diploma

This Diploma was created by the FAI in 2000 in memory of Pirat Gehriger, the first President of the International Gliding Commission. Normally, only one Diploma may be awarded annually for eminent services to international gliding.

The 2005 recipient is
- Gillian Bryce-Smith - United Kingdom

IGC Officers - 2005
President - Bob Henderson (NZL)
1st Vice-President Eric Mozer (USA)
Vice Presidents Brian Spreckley (UK)
Roland Stuck (FRA)
Vladimir Foltin (SVK)
Axel Reich (GER)
Arild Solbakken (NOR)

Treasurer Dick Bradley (RSA)
Secretary Peter Eriksen (DEN)

2006 IGC meeting will be in Lausanne, Switzerland March 3 and 4.


Four presentations were heard by the delegates. The speakers and their topics:

Wolfgang Weinreich - President of Honor FAI - "IGC's top task: How to protect the future of our sport"
Jorge Stieber - Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) Flight Recorders
Klaus Ohlmann- World Record Holder - Soaring "on the edge" A search beyond the limits
Oliver Rennert - The On Line Contest (OLC) and theteams contributions to the IGC/FAI Centenary Celebration

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