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Region 11 - ATC Procedures Update

Pacific Area Soaring Council has recently published updated guidance for soaring pilots for interactions with Reno TRACON, on the PASCO website. This seven page document includes a map to show arrival and departure swaths through the Carson and Palomino Valleys.

All pilots intending to soar in the Minden, Reno, Truckee, AirSailing area should review this document for best practices and simple directions to make yourself known to the heavier concentration of fast, passenger-carrying airplane traffic into Reno and Tahoe airports. Reno TRACON is the ATC facility with the dubious distinction of having the only glider-biz jet midair (2006). All persons survived that event, but the traffic density requires soaring pilots to exercise more vigilance and better protocol during legal use of the airspace.

Samples of radio terminology and etiquette, inclusion of GPS coordinates for ATC intersections and local ATC frequencies make this a compendium of information which shortens flight preparation time for Nevada soaring pilots. Please see the link on the PASCO web page at this link.

In addition, cross-country pilots crossing south out of Reno TRACON's area should leave the 0440 transponder glider code of Reno-PASCO's agreement and return to a 1200 VFR transponder code when passing south of an east west line through Mono Lake.

-- C. Brickner, Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 12/14/2009 By: Government Liaison Committee

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