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La Mancha Glide 2000

The Spanish Aero Club has announced plans to conduct a pre-World Air Games test competition in June-July 2000. The event, known as La Mancha Glide, will be held in Lillo, Andalucia, Spain. The contest will feature the standard class, the 15 meter class, the open class, the club class, the world class and the integrated 18 meter class.The initial entry date was January 15th but the SSA only just received the information bulletin. SSA members interested in flying in the contest may contact the SSA office for further details concerning qualification and entry. All US entries for the event must come through the SSA.

The dates of the event are June 26 - July 9, 2000.

26-28 June - unofficial training
28 June - 1 July - official training
1 July - Team Captains Briefing
2-8 July - Competition Days
8 July - Farewell Party
9 July - Prize Giving and Depature

Posted: 1/17/2000 By: General News

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