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Leveraging the SSA FAST Program and SSA Introductory Membership for chapter growth

After someone shows interest in soaring and your club/chapter, how do they see if they are a good fit for soaring?   Do you have a next step?  The following presentation  suggests ways to leverage the SSA FAST Program and the SSA Introductory Membership  to provide some trial lessons to set the hook. 

SSA FAST and IM, Using and leveraging the SSA Fly A Sailplane Today Package and the SSA Introductory membership

Does it work?  The Cleveland Soaring Society contacted the SSA Clubs & Chapters Committee in August 2008.  They received some promotional suggestions and the concept of using the SSA Introductory Membership to attract new members.  Only two of these Introductory memberships failed to convert to full members and the club doubled their membership during the 2009 season.

The Mid-Atlantic Soaring Association used the SSA Introductory Membership with the US Naval Academy to provide orientation flights to 150 cadets  in 2009. 

Posted: 11/23/2009 By: Clubs and Chapters Committee

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