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Call for Nominations for US Team Committee

The US Team Committee, part of the Contest Committee, is responsible for coordinating our participation in overseas competition. The six-member committee includes the Contest Committee Chairman, the U.S. Team Chairman appointed by the Board, the SSA Executive Director, plus three members elected by the membership of the SSA. These latter three members serve alternating three year terms such that a new member is elected, or re-elected, every year.

Current Team Committee members are:

  • Doug Jacobs – Chairman

  • Ken Sorenson – Contest Committee Chair

  • Phil Umphres – in substitution for an Executive Director

  • Rick Walters – term expires year end 2009

  • Sam Zimmerman – term expires year end 2010

  • Ron Tabery – term expires year end 2011

This year, the term of Rick Walters is up, and we thank him heartily for his service to date. Rick has indicated that he will be a candidate for re-election.

As per past practice, we will hold the election on-line to fill this position. Our by-laws state that any Director of the SSA may nominate a candidate for election. Candidates would best have a familiarity with competition soaring and an eagerness to improve our international competitiveness.
Kindly forward any nominations you might care to submit by the end of October. We will then organize the election such that results can be published at year end.
Many thanks
For the Committee

Posted: 10/9/2009 By: US Team

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