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Threat to Tehachapi Gliderport - Write Now

Threat to

Mountain Valley Airport (KL94) &

General Aviation in the Tehachapi Valley, CA


    Kern County Planning is reviewing a Draft Environmental Impact Report for a project entitled "Alta-Oak Creek Mojave Project" by Terra Gen. The proposal is for the construction of 320 wind turbine generators approximately 500 feet tall.

   The project is comprised of 3 subareas, two of which (Subarea 1 and Subarea 3) are located close to MVA. Details of the project are available on the Kern county Planning website (co.kern.ca.gov.us/planning) if you click on Alta-Oak Creek Project. The pertinent maps are in the Project Description Section.

    MVA's concern is that Subarea 3 is located approximately one-third of a mile from the southeast end of our horizontal surface and penetrates well within the 20:1 glide slope surface. While the DEIR demands compliance with FAA Notices of Proposed Construction and Obstruction Lighting, such compliance does not negate the threat to all air traffic (gliders and general aviation) approaching from the southeast or transiting the Tehachapi Valley.

    We are urging pilots to respond to the DEIR with concerns and objections. Kern County DOES respond to sheer numbers of responses. The only problem is that responses MUST be made by Monday, September 21 at 5:00 pm. They may be emailed or faxed to the following individual.  Please carbon-copy us too.

      Kern County Planning Department
      Attention: Christopher Mynk
      Fax: 661-862-8601
      Email: mynkc@co.kern.ca.us

   Please include in your response a brief description of your aviation qualifications. If you are a visiting or Southern California pilot, and have flown with us or through the Tehachapi Valley, enumerate your transitions.  Speak to the issues of flight safety in glider approaches upwind from the west, VFR transitions of the valley under winter skies with lesser visibility (on wave style days) and under cloud ceilings, the concentration of VFR traffic through a lower elevation route,  the lessened visibility even in daylight of white turbine blades against a bright sunlit route and specifically against lowered clouds as a typical local meterological phenomena.

  Placement is the issue, not renewable power production.

  Mitigation efforts with night lighting do not compensate for a high-traffic route, a construction style that provides extremely minimal visibility and extreme risk, recalling the German's Rommel's Asparagus of Normandy.

    We are sorry for the short notice. But we've only had about a week to respond ourselves. Thanks for your help and if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Larry and Jane Barrett

Mountain Valley Airport (KL94)
Skylark North

Edited - C. Brickner, Govt.Liaison

Posted: 9/17/2009 By: Government Liaison Committee

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