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FAI Sporting Licenses

The responsibility for issuing FAI Sporting Licenses in the United States rests with the National Aeronautics Association (NAA). Under an arrangement with NAA, SSA has been distributing Sporting Licenses for Soaring to SSA members as one of our member benefits. At the time of the arrangement, NAA required applicants for FAI badges to hold Sporting Licenses. Recently, NAA has dropped this requirement.

Under a new arrangement, NAA and SSA have agreed that a Sporting License is required for participation in international events, world records, and US national records only. Please note that YOU MUST HAVE a Sporting License BEFORE you take off on a record attempt. A Sporting License is not required for badges, diplomas, US contests, state records, US trophies, lennie pins, nor the Hilton Cup.

In 2005, fewer than 25 members participated in the events listed above requiring Sporting Licenses, and for this reason, SSA has decided to stop paying NAA a per-member fee for Sporting Licenses and to stop issuing licenses to members. SSA members who need to renew their Sporting Licenses should contact NAA directly (www.naa.aero). The effective date of this change is January 1, 2007, and SSA will stop issuing Sporting Licenses on that date.

We are continuing our discussions with NAA, and we will strive to reduce the cost of Sporting Licenses (currently $45 per year) for our members. For further information, contact the Hobbs office (feedback@ssa.org).

Posted: 10/13/2006 By: General News

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