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AD Issued on Lycoming crankshafts; 2006-20-09; on many -360 and -540 engines.

This new directive (AD) is for Lycoming Engines crankshafts installed after March 1, 1997. This AD requires no action for crankshafts installed, new, rebuilt, overhauled or replaced prior to March 1997. For crankshafts placed in service after that, there is a complex table of instructions. Simplistically, those cranks will be replaced not later than next overhaul, next separation of the crankcase, or twelve years after first entering service. If a crank is exempted from this AD, there may a log entry required.

These crankshafts may be used on 235 Pawnees, Braves, Cherokees, 182s, Maules, Rallyes, Zlins, Champs and perhaps other towplanes.

This AD becomes effective November 3, 2006. The full text may be found at: Click here

C. Brickner
Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 10/4/2006 By: Government Liaison Committee

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