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XC Camp Announcement

What we’re offering: A cross country/racing school run by experts to be held in the week preceding the Region 5 North competition at Perry, sponsored by the US Soaring Team organization – read more about past camps here: http://www.ssa.org/UsTeam/ust_camps.htm

What you’ll achieve: Improved cross country and competition skills through an intensive six day course in a relaxed atmosphere of learning, feedback, and guidance. Even if competing is not your objective, learning to fly efficiently utilizing racing techniques will improve you cross country abilities. And if you’re planning to fly the Perry contest, we’ll continue with task briefings, flight analysis and debrief each day.

Dates: Arrive (or fly in!) during the day on Saturday, April 7th for an evening kick-off cookout, class/ flying /debriefing from Sunday April 8th through Friday April 13th.

Target Groups: Pilots with limited cross country or racing experience who would like to improve their skills under expert guidance in a less pressured environment than a fullracing competition.

Minimum Qualifications: Silver C badge, 150 hours, capable of 150km+ cross country flights in reasonable weather. Must able to bring your own or a club glider with 30:1 or better performance.

Ground School Option: Can’t meet the minimum qualifications? – Join us for the ground school portions only, and fly locally on your own.You’ll still get lots out of the course.

Perry International Airport
Perry, South Carolina
April 7-13, 2007

Posted: 11/2/2006 By: General News

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