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FAA issues letter of final determination on Pegasus Ad 2005-24-01

As many of you know, back in 2005 the FAA issued AD 2005-24-01 limiting the effective life of Pegasus airframes to 3000 hours.   Prior to the issuance of that AD, the SSA had been in contact with the FAA and was assured that the situation would be resolved within 60-90 days.  Over the course of the 3 years since then, the SSA has been actively discussing with the FAA how to resolve the issue.   Just recently, the SSA received a letter (link) from the FAA indicating that all administrative attempts to mitigate the effects of the AD have been exhausted and the FAA was no longer actively reviewing it. 

The FAA indicated in the letter that potential alternative solutions to extend the service life of these aircraft could be pursued by private interests.  The SSA, in reviewing what information would be required to pursue this, has determined that we do not have the required resources.

The SSA is disappointed with what now appears to be a final outcome for this issue.  However, over the course of discussions the last 4 years on this, and other certification related issues, it has become apparent that further dialogue on the subject of how the FAA handles glider certification is necessary and we will continue to pursue and protect the interests of our membership. 

Stephen Northcraft, Chairman
SSA Government Liaison Committee

Posted: 5/14/2009 By: Government Liaison Committee

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