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A common request to the Hobbs staff or SSA committee volunteers is how to find a particular document or reference material through the website.  Over the years, SSA has continued to develop and include more resources for members through the web server.

Here we offer better directions for extracting the desired data.

First, arrive at the SSA home page by entering http://www.ssa.org/ in a web browser.  This will bring you to the front page. You must be an SSA member to proceed any further. From the left column of information bars, select "News & Information" by sliding your cursor onto that bar.  This opens a second set of drop down bars, and use or highlight and click the second line from the bottom called  "Search the Archives".

This will open a new window in your browser. In the Archive Search pane, you may enter any combination of keywords in the search box.  You may also search select portions of the web server, or use "All" as the most inclusive investigative tool.  Please wait a moment while the files are sifted for your answer.

You may run searches on maintenance and Airworthiness Directives by Make-model, find the TSA training exemption, awards to individual members, and any style extraction you can imagine.  This archive search is much more effective than the Google search button on the home page.

If you cannot find the information you seek, your Hobbs staff or volunteer committees still stand ready to respond to your needs or inquiries. Contact us by email or telephone. --

C. Brickner, Executive Committee

Posted: 4/28/2009 By: Government Liaison Committee

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