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Ground School Jan. '09 to March '09 at Chilhowee TN

Ground school at Chilhowee will commence this Sunday, January 11thth. Most sessions will be 1.5 hours long except for lessons #5 and #9, which will last for two hours. The weekly course outline is as follows:  Basic Aerodynamics, Flight Instruments, Regulations, Procedures & Airport Operations, Basic Weather, Soaring Weather, Weather Services, Aircraft Performance, Enroute Flight (includes airspace), Navigation (includes glide calculations & overview of GPS loggers, etc), Communication Procedures, Review & Practice FAA Written Tests.  at 5:00 p.m. and continue each Sunday for 12 weeks until March 29

The daily lesson schedule will be as follows:  DVD Presentations by ASA Private Pilot Test Prep & Sporty’s Transition to Gliders.  Q & A session & review of last week’s missed quiz questions.  Quiz of the week – done in class. Homework – printout of applicable FAA test questions for lookup and study at home. Some of the lessons will incorporate guest instructors and additional worksheets for practice problem solving. 

Cost and Recommended Course Materials 

Since this is the first organized ground school and therefore a “beta” project, the introductory offer is: FREE! Recommended course materials are: FAR/AIM, Joy of Soaring, Glider Flying Handbook,  Current Sectional (weeks 9-11), Calculator, E6B Flight Computer (can be electronic), Plotter.  There are many other excellent glider-training manuals which will make your learning that much easier, and all of them are encouraged and welcomed. This course has been created specifically for initial private pilot applicants. The aim is to provide a structured curriculum for these individuals to “fill in the gaps” normally filled primarily by home study. It will also be a great refresher for those considering an upgrade to commercial or CFIG levels or just brushing up on general knowledge. 

Everybody is welcome, including airplane rated or airplane learning students. Come join us! 

Sarah Kelly  Chilhowee Gliderport  (423) 506-9015  www.chilhowee.com  

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