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18m Nationals Trophy Request For Proposals

Through a generous gift, the necessary endowment for an 18 Meter Nationals trophy is in place.  However, as yet we have no trophy, and would like to rectify this situation in time to present it to the 2009 winner.  As such, we would like to request proposals from the SSA membership for its design and construction.

Since this will be a traveling trophy, awarded each year on the site of the competition, it must be sturdy, robust, and come with a stout container to protect it against damage.  It would also be beneficial to have appropriate surfaces for the inscription on winners for a considerable number of years.  Beyond that, creativity and ingenuity are encouraged, and all proposals will be thoroughly reviewed by the endowment donor and the SSA Awards Chairman, Jay McDaniel.

The deadline for receipt of proposals will be December 31, 2008, and the winner will be announced by January 31, 2009, subject to approval of the design by the SSA’s Board of Directors.  Completion of construction by the final day of the 2009 18 Meter Nationals will be mandatory.

Kindly forward design and cost information to Doug Jacobs (soarer@cox.net) and Jay McDaniel (soaringjay@cox.net).

Posted: 10/4/2008 By: US Team

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