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AD Issued on ECI Cylinders 2008-19-05 cylinder head separations.

This AD applies to Lycoming engines 320,360 and 540 series, with ECI Cylinders assemblies part number AEL65102 Titans, with cylinder heads AEL85099.  These parts may be used on Piper Pawnees, Cubs, Maules, Cal-Aires, Citabrias and various other tow planes.

The effective date of this AD is October 20, 2008.

This AD has various requirements for visual inspection and compression checks based on the time in service of the parts. Recurring visual and compression checks may be required for every TEN HOURS time in service, up to a mandated replacement time. Replacement times may be 350 hours or up to 2000 hours time in service.

The intent of this AD is to preclude in-flight cylinder head failures, 45 of which have been reported.

Full text of the AD may be found at:    this link.

C. Brickner,     Govt. Liaison Committee

Posted: 9/15/2008 By: Government Liaison Committee

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