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FAA Data Plate Exemption

The Federal Aviation Administration has granted SSA a permanent extension on Exemption No. 4988. This exemption permits SSA to forgo the requirement to secure an ID plate or display the model and serial number on the exterior of their aircraft.

FAR 45.11 was revised in October, 2009 making the exemption permament.  It reads:
(h) Gliders . Paragraphs (a)(3) and (e) of this section do not apply to gliders.
[Amdt. 45-26, 74 FR 53394, Oct. 16, 2009]
Paragraph (a) refers to aircraft, (b) to engines, (c) to propellers, (d) to manned free balloons, and (e) to aircraft manufactured before 1988, (f) to powered parachutes, and (g) refers to Part 121 and 119 operations.

The original exemption is available for download here.

Posted: 9/12/2008 By: General News

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