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23rd Dust Devil Dash Results

The Dust Devil Dash is in it's 23rd year in Region 12, as a straight-out handicapped distance contest, always the first Saturday following Labor Day, rain or shine.  It's popularity seems to stem from the chance for all comers to win with a well flown glider.  Seven years have 1-26ers as winners against glass, and one year the LK-10 made it to the Colorado River to win.  (Past results are at http://www.socalsoaring.com/index.php?page=dustdevil#previous).  The host site has been Mountain Valley Airport. 

For 2008, again it was a close race.  Sean Franke and Marty Eiler both made it to Alturas, CA for the longest straight distances, and the best handicapped distances.  Garry Dickson landed at Luning, NV and with handicap came in a close third, with Doug Levy at Bridgeport coming in fourth. 

Philippe Athuil receives the special award of Grand Prix de Sang Froid.  Off tow he had jammed aileron control and was unable to turn to the right.  He thermalled to the left to 15,000 ft., then glided back to his base at Crystal. But then, after retrieving his laptop from the control system, he relit and finally landed at Minden. 

Sean Franke and Cindy Brickner are both looking at possible US National record claims, and I believe some badge legs were also recorded while Dashing. 

Congratulations to all, and hoping to see you again next year. 

Ian Cant

PlaceNameSailplane typeH'capLanding placeraw distH'cap
1Sean FrankeDuo Discus0.894Alturas455.1406.86
2Marty EilerAS-W 270.880Alturas455.1400.49
3Garry Dickson1-26A1.650Luning, NV236.5390.23
4Doug Levy1-26A1.650Bridgeport CA223.3368.45
5Pete KovariDG-3000.960Reno / Stead324.9311.90
6Jerry SneddenAS-W 200.903Tiger NV314.7284.17
7Tom RileySpirit0.942Carson City NV292.0275.06
8Larry TuohinoPIK-20D-780.977Minden NV277.3270.92
9Mike Wills1-26B1.650Bishop CA156.7258.56
10Cindy BricknerAS-W 270.880Carson City NV291.3256.34
11Joedy Gregory1-26B1.6503 mi South of Bishop154.0254.10
12Bob MarondeAS-W 270.880Minden NV277.3244.02
13Jeff ByardGenesis 20.949Bridgeport CA222.5211.15
14Paul Robinson304CZ0.950Tonopah NV216.9206.06
15Greg ColeSparrowhawk1.170Bishop CA156.7183.34
16Jim DingessAS-H 26E0.843E of Tonopah NV216.9182.85
17Doug FroniusLK-10A1.650Lone Pine CA105.0173.25
18Ian CantRussia AC-4B1.193Independence CA119.0141.97
19Ron Hodge1-26D1.600Coso Junction CA70.4112.64
20Roger WordenPW-51.200Olancha CA83.4100.08
21Cam MartinLP-491.180California City CA23.327.49

Posted: 9/9/2008 By: General News

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