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NTSB Issues Recommendations from 2006 Minden, NV Mid-air

On March 31, 2008, the NTSB issued letters of recommendation to both the SSA and the FAA as a result of the August 28, 2006 mid-air collision between a glider and a Hawker 800XP over Minden, NV.

The recommendations (A08_10_13.pdf and A08_14_15.pdf) and the final report are available on the NTSB website; www.ntsb.gov

While the SSA has not officially received the NTSB letter regarding the final disposition of the investigation of the mid-air collision between a Hawker 800XP aircraft and a glider near Minden, NV in August, 2006, the Leadership has reviewed what the NTSB placed on their web site last week. In the coming months the SSA will be publishing additional information on the subject of safe separation in SOARING magazine and contact the FAA to determine how they will address the NTSB concerns. We will also be responding directly to the NTSB and reiterate our position that there are additional recommendations that the NTSB could have made to make our skies safer for all of aviation.

In response to the letters, the SSA issued the following Press Release:

"In the aftermath of the mid-air collision between a glider and a Hawker 800XP, the SSA and local glider representatives worked hard with both the NTSB and the Reno FAA air traffic control to try to address and resolve the complex issues raised by this accident. The SSA is disappointed that the NTSB took a very narrow view of the causal factors and did not address some of the changes we specifically recommended. However, as recognized by the NTSB and consistent with policies and practices started long before this accident occurred, local representatives of the SSA will continue to work with the Reno and other Air Traffic Control Centers around the country to provide a safer enviroment for all of aviation."

Posted: 4/7/2008 By: Government Liaison Committee

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