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WinPilot has been certified for OLC flights

A good news for all WinPilot users: WinPilot flight computer software has been certified for use in OLC-classic contest. Valid flight logs recorded by WinPilot will be shown after claiming with the 'blue V button'. A certified GNSS flight recoder is still required for powered gliders (self-launch and sustainers), FAI-OLC and OLC league.

Sierra Skyware Inc., the maker of WinPilot joined the Segelflugszene / OLC community and helps with it's annual fee to keep OLC free of charges for the competitors worldwide. The WinPilot logo has been added to the OLC banner.

Many thanks to WinPilot and welcome to the OLC family.

Your OLC-Team


Important Note:

If you claimed WinPilot files to OLC previously and got a red-V, they should now be validated for the OLC-Classic with a blue-V. Now that these flights have scored, you may want to check the OLC-Classic scoring to see if things have changed.

This is great news. If you are a WinPilot and/or OLC user, be sure to thank Sierra Skyware for their OLC sponsorship.

Doug Haluza


Posted: 7/19/2006 By: OLC Committee

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