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The 2006 Photo Contest

In 2003 we held a photo contest, which produced some awesome results in the photographs received at Soaring Magazine. So, we're starting our 2006 photo contest in January. Get your cameras dusted off and start shooting.
There will be prizes for the winners, and the prestige of having your photograph appear in Soaring Magazine and/or the SSA 2007 Calendar.
This will be a year long contest open to any member of the SSA. Chris Woods will head up this contest.

General Rules

  1. Any SSA member may submit up to a dozen photos.

  2. Photos must be original (taken by the person submitting them) and not previously published.

  3. By submitting a photo, the photographer grants the SSA the right to publish the photo in Soaring Magazine and/or the SSA Calendar (see the "SSA Release of Copyright Statement" below).

  4. All entries must be recieved at the SSA office no later than December 31, 2006.

  5. Digital Photos must be on a CD and must have a resolution of not less than 800x600 (more is better, see our Photo Guidelines for more details).

  6. Submissions should be copies - they will not normally be returned. An exception will be made for slides, these will be returned if a self addressed envelope marked "for return of slides" is included.

  7. Except for cropping and exposure adjustment, photos must not have been substantially altered from their orginal form. (Thus, "composite" photos where a sailplane is placed in a different background are not allowed.)

  8. Each photo must be accompanied by text which includes: Photographer's name, the photo's date and location, and information about the subject.

  9. Photos must be submitted to the SSA office using the following address: Photo Contest, P.O.Box 2100, Hobbs, NM 88241.


Photos will be judged in three catagories:

  1. Sailplanes in the air.

  2. Sailplanes on the ground.

  3. The people of Soaring.

SSA Release of Copyright Statement
It is a condition of submission to and acceptance by The Soaring Society of America, Inc. (SSA) that all material submitted for consideration and/or publication (including photographs and text), whether submitted as a result of a request by the SSA or not, is submitted on the basis that the SSA has the right, without payment or compensation, to reproduce and sell or distribute freely, and to authorize third parties who are engaged in the dissemination of information relating to the sport of soaring to reproduce and sell or distribute freely, such material. By submitting such material to the SSA for consideration and/or publication the submitter represents that they hold the right to grant a release of copyright in respect of such material. If the submitted material is clearly identified (in the case of material in electronic form, identified in the filename) with the name of its creator suitable attribution of its source will be given.

Posted: 7/19/2006 By: General News

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