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US Team mini-camp at Region 1 Championships

Announcing the Region 1 Championships!

Come one, come all to the beautiful Mad River Valley where, from June 15-21 we’ll host the Region 1 Championships at the fabled Sugarbush Airport, home of so many great contests. We’ll soar the Green Mountains of Vermont (and maybe even the Whites of New Hampshire), enjoy the great restaurants and hospitality of the Sugarbush area as well as the camaraderie of fellow soaring types from the Northeast. We plan to race in 15 Meter, Standard, and Sports Class, and this will be a no-water contest.

Local pilot Doug Jacobs, former National and World Champion will be the Contest Director, supported by Gilly Smith as Contest Manager and Dave Ellis as scorer. The team at Sugarbush is highly experienced and the facilities are excellent, so you can expect a flawless operation. As a very popular ski destination in winter, Sugarbush abounds with plentiful and cheap summer condo and motel options.

As an added attraction for those less experienced pilots, or for those who want to make the week a learning experience, Doug (and perhaps other US Team members) will conduct morning seminars for all who are interested in the finer points of cross-country and racing.Envisioned is an hour presentation prior to the pilot’s meeting on Climbing, Running, Final Glides, Contest and Task Strategy, and more. If we have a no-contest day, we can continue with morning or afternoon sessions. These lectures have been given at the many US Team Cross Country/Racing camps around the country sponsored by the US Team Committee, and have proven to be very valuable to mid and low time pilots trying to improve their skills. After flying, whoever is interested can also bring their flight logs to a debriefing discussion of what went right and wrong with their day, led by Doug, possibly with a spot of refreshment (BYOB, please). There is no charge for these activities so come on up and take advantage of this terrific opportunity.

To sign up for the contest, check the Sugarbush Soaring web site. If the on-line registration process is not yet up, just download the Pilot Registration form from the SSA website. Click on “here” in the lower paragraph, fill it out and send it along with a $100 check to Contest Manager Gilly Smith, 4520 Stella Dr. NW, Atlanta, GA 30327. For questions, Gilly can be reached at GSRABBIT@aol.com or 404 255-7734. Look forward to seeing you up there!

Posted: 1/19/2008 By: US Team

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