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Annual Program Letter due for Experimental/RE gliders

It is the time of the year to remind members that if they have a glider that is licensed in
the “Experimental – Racing & Exhibition” category, they may have to file their annual
Program Letter. Anyone with a glider licensed in this category should consult the
Limitations document accompanying their aircraft certification paperwork for addition

Posted: 1/14/2019 By: Government Liaison Committee

Airworthiness Directive for Glasflugel gliders

The FAA has issued an airworthiness directive (AD) effective November 18, 2018 for Glasflugel Models Club Libelle 205, H 301 “Libelle,” H 301B “Libelle,” Kestrel, Mosquito, Standard “Libelle,” and Standard Libelle-201B gliders. This AD results from mandatory continuing airworthiness information (MCAI) issued by the aviation authority of another country to identify and correct an unsafe condition on an aviation product.  The MCAI describes the unsafe condition as jamming between the double two-ring end of the towing cable and the deflector angles of the CG release mechanism. We are issuing the AD to prevent failure of the towing cable to disconnect, which could result in reduced or loss of control of the glider or the cable breaking and causing injury to people on the ground.

A copy of the Federal register entry and the AD is here.  A copy of the referenced technical note is here.

Posted: 1/14/2019 By: Government Liaison Committee

Costello Insurance Primary Training Youth Scholarship

Posted: 1/11/2019 By: Youth/Junior Committee

SSA Dennis Purduski Flight Training Scholarship

Posted: 1/11/2019 By: Youth/Junior Committee

Bultman Youth Flight Scholarship

Soaring Society of America's boost into advanced soaring for young ground crew. 

Annual award of up to $1000 for soaring pilots.  Application deadline is March 31st.

Photo #7037 | Bultman Winner SkyThis is a "worker" award for a young soaring pilot who has made impressive contributions to a USA soaring Club or School. Someone who may be too financially strapped to buy tows for personal recreation or personal progress in the sport. More ...

Posted: 1/11/2019 By: Youth/Junior Committee

Follow The US Teams At 11th Junior World Gliding Championships and 3rd Pan American Championships

11th FAI Junior WGC at Sezeged, Hungary from July 28 - August 10, 2019 More ...

Posted: 7/17/2018 By: US Team

On This Day in History Female-Powered Flight Took Off

Thirty years ago, on 21 January 1987, American triathlete Lois McCallin set three women's world records for human-powered flight – and they still stand today.

Stepping out onto a dried-up lakebed at Edwards Air Force Base in California at 8.30am on Wednesday 21 January 1987, 29-year-old Lois McCallin was about to make history.

More ...

Posted: 1/18/2017 By: General News

FAA Withdraws Transponder ANPRM

The FAA has withdrawn ANPRM FAA-2015-2147 which would have required that gliders operating above 10,000 MSL have an operating transponder.  Glider operations below 10,000 MSL would not have been impacted even if this rule had passed. More ...

Posted: 12/28/2016 By: Government Liaison Committee

SSA Chapter Guide

Revised SSA Chapter Guide

More ...

Posted: 12/7/2016 By: Clubs and Chapters Committee

FAA develops procedures to allow Student Pilot solo on their eligibility birthday

FAA develops procedures to allow Student Pilot solo on their eligibility birthday.

Notice Number: NOTC6635
As a result of the Student Pilot Application Requirement rule, which became effective April 1, 2016, student pilot applicants with intentions of exercising pilot in command privileges on their eligibility birthday were unable to do so because of the new TSA vetting requirements. The FAA recognized the unintended impact the new rule presented, and has published a notice that defines the procedures to allow student pilots to solo on their 16th birthday (or their 14th birthday when seeking a balloon or glider rating.)
Qualified individuals processing student pilot applications for applicants with intentions of exercising pilot in command privileges should encourage applicants  to submit a paper FAA form 8710-1: Airman Certificate and/or Rating Application to a qualified individual through a face-to-face interaction up to 90 days prior to their 16th birthday when seeking an airplane, rotorcraft, airship, weight­shift­control, powered parachute, or powered lift rating privilege (or up to 90 days prior to their 14th birthday when seeking balloon or glider rating privileges.) The FAA cannot ensure adequate processing time for applications submitted less than 30 days prior to the applicant’s eligibility birthday. All qualified individuals, including Certificated Flight Instructors, should forward the completed application to their jurisdictional Flight Standards District Office (FSDO). Typical processing time for a Student Pilot Certificate is approximately three weeks from the date the Airman Registry receives the application, provided they clear the TSA vetting process.
On the applicant’s eligibility birthday, the applicant should print a temporary authorization to operate from the FAA online service at: http://www.faa.gov/licenses_certificates/airmen_certification/certificate_replacement. This authorization allows the applicant to exercise pilot in command privileges for no more than 60 days or until the applicant’s permanent student pilot certificate arrives via mail.
For a complete explanation of the procedures, the FAA Notice can be found at http://fsims.faa.gov/PICDetail.aspx?docId=N%208900.371 or on the FAA Orders and Notices page at http://www.faa.gov/regulations_policies/orders_notices/index.cfm/go/document.list/documentType/notice

  More ...

Posted: 8/4/2016 By: Government Liaison Committee

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