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The SSA Foundation's Seven Initiatives

The Seven Initiatives below are the long-range goals that the SSA Foundation has set to foster and promote in support of the Strategic Plan of the Soaring Society of America. These Goals are reviewed and modified by the Trustees of the Foundation in concert with SSA Leadership. The goals are intended to be specific but flexible enough to allow for changes in SSA strategic needs over time.

1. Securing Soaring's Future

The SSA Foundation is committed to help the Soaring Society of America be the Advocate of the Soaring Community. Some efforts will be great, others smaller, but each battle fought by SSA, on behalf of the soaring pilots of the United States is critical. Your contributions support and expand this effort on an on-going basis.

  • Fighting for our Rights and Needs relating to airspace, aircraft certification, pilot licensing, site preservation and access to our land and air resources.
  • Protecting our Right to Fly while maintaining and supporting the utmost Security for the United States.
  • Developing public awareness of the benefits of soaring and the small impact soaring has on the environment.
  • Maintaining SSA involvement in international affairs that impact the rules under which we fly and compete in the United States.

2 . Promoting Lifetime Learning

The SSA Foundation is committed to help SSA be the Comprehensive Source of Information on Soaring Worldwide. Your contributions will help SSA to provide the gateway publications beginners need and to be the definitive source of soaring information throughout one’s lifetime.

  • Supporting professional and volunteer efforts to create and refresh student and instructor training publications and national training standards.
  • Creating programs to address a nationwide shortage of soaring instructors, including "growing our own" through an SSA Initial Instructor certification Program.
  • Creating recurrent and advanced training programs to train pilots to handle new equipment, techniques and environmental changes.
  • Training pilots to safely and enjoyably compete and fly cross-country.
  • Developing enhanced weather and other technological products that make it easier, safer and more enjoyable to soar.

3. Expanding our Opportunities to Soar

The SSA Foundation envisions a long-term SSA program to help establish new soaring sites and to protect and foster existing ones. As land space becomes more crowded, the SSA Foundation seeks to develop programs to Save Our Soaring Sites.

Your contributions will endow site development and preservation programs and help establish capital funds that can be loaned for related purposes.

  • Providing capital to procure and develop new soaring sites.
  • Helping operators at existing sites purchase, maintain, expand or improve their current facility.
  • Providing assistance to new schools and clubs to expand the accessibility of soaring through information and financing of facilities and equipment.
  • Creating SSA sponsored programs at selected sites nationally to teach competition, cross-country, team flying and initial instructor courses.

4. Fostering America's International Competitiveness

The SSA foundation is committed to help the United States field the best team possible for the World Gliding Competition and to bring home victories for the United States. Your contributions will help increase the endowment to sponsor the United States team in training and participating in world competition.

  • Creating a United States Team that is the best in the world.
  • Increasing current endowments so their income covers the costs of international team competition and associated training.
  • Encouraging and training new pilots to compete nationally and climb the international ladder.

5. Encouraging New Generations of Soaring Pilots

The SSA Foundation is committed to partnering with SSA to help enthusiastic youth enter and blossom in the sport. Your contributions will help SSA develop programs to encourage high-school youth to earn their first achievements and to help college-aged youth continue learning and soaring.

  • Developing and expanding SSA programs that create youth involvement throughout the United States.
  • Providing capital for university soaring clubs and sponsors to operate and acquire equipment and materials.
  • Fostering youth involvement in SSA functions and competitions.
  • Providing endowed support for advanced training and participation in international competition.

6. Achieving the Goal of Safer Soaring

The SSA Foundation is committed to working with SSA and its Soaring Safety Foundation (SSF) to make soaring the safest of all sky sports. The Soaring Safety Foundation has a complete program of safety practice and publishing and your contributions will help continue current programs and sponsor future ones.

  • Pursuing the goal of eliminating fatalities among soaring pilots in the United States.
  • Maintaining and expanding instructor recertification and advanced learning courses.
  • Researching and creating new programs to increase site safety and lower insurance premiums among pilots, operators, clubs and manufacturers.
  • Creating operational standards that bring soaring practices in the United States into the safest possible conformity.
  • Publishing and distributing information to provide the best possible safety awareness of developing issues among the soaring community.

7. Fostering the Permanence and Effectiveness of SSA Central Functions

The SSA Foundation offers the opportunity to help the SSA become more permanently established with effective infrastructure to serve the membership in the future. As demands to the Society become greater and as technology becomes more expensive, the SSA needs to invest in "bricks and mortar" and new and updated equipment.

Posted: 7/10/2007