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The Trophy Endowment Fund

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Thank You for Considering a Donation to the Trophy Endowment!

The Trophy Endowment Fund is established in the Bylaws of the SSA Article XI, Section 2 (2).  The text is reproduced below as of July 30, 2011.

The Trophy Endowment Fund, the income from such Fund to be used in respect of the DuPont, Eaton, and Stroukoff Trophies and such other trophies as may be accepted by the Board of Directors of the Society from time to time as hereinafter in this Paragraph (2) provided. No payment out of such income shall be made to a trophy recipient in addition to the award represented by the trophy itself. No offer of a new trophy to the Society shall be accepted unless the donor (or a third party on the donor's behalf) shall provide at no cost to the Society (i) such trophy, (ii) a suitable shipping container therefor, and (iii) unless such trophy is intended as a "one time" award to be awarded outright to the first recipient, a cash amount of $5,000 or such greater amount as the Board of Directors may hereafter approve, payable in full at the time such trophy is first given to the Society. Such cash amount shall be held by the Society as an endowment and added to the Trophy Endowment Fund. All income earned in respect of all such endowed amounts shall be, to the extent necessary, applied in or towards the following purposes: (i) the upkeep and maintenance of such trophies, (ii) the maintenance and replacement of their shipping containers, (iii) packing and shipping costs in respect of the delivery of trophies to the recipients and their return, and (iv) any other costs incidental to the awarding and shipping of such trophies. Any income earned in excess of that part applied towards such purposes shall be added to the endowed amount. Such trophies shall be presented to recipients at the contest at which any such award represented by a trophy is won, or at such other venue as the Board of Directors may from time, in its discretion, decide.



Posted: 1/27/2016