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Foundation Funds

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The list of individual endowments managed by the Foundation can be grouped into four general catagories (click on an individual fund name for more information on that particular fund). Additional funds are created with the joint approval of the SSA Board and the Foundation.

    • Funds that benefit the SSA as a whole
    • Funds that benefit activities of the US Soaring Team
      • The US Team General Endowment
      • The Robertson Trust Fund
      • The L Wood Team Fund
      • The US Junior Team Endowment
      • The US Club Class Endowment
      • The Women's International Competition Fund
    • Funds that benefit a specific activity
      • The SSA Safety Foundation
      • The 1-26 Assoiciation Fund
      • The Trophy Endowment Fund

    • Scholarship and Award Funds
      • The Mozer Junior Champion Trust
      • The Klemperer Award
      • The Kolstad Scholarship Trust
      • The Gross Cadet Youth Scholarship
      • The Bultman Youth Scholarship
      • The Karen Greig Scholarship

Posted: 12/5/2015