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Meeting Minutes

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Minutes of meetings of the Members of the Foundation (the Members are the SSA Board of Directors) are currently included in the minutes of the respective SSA Board meeting.

Minutes of meetings of the Trustees are published separately.

Meeting Date

Trustee Minutes

Member Minutes

18-Feb-2020 Draft minutes  
2-Feb-2020 PDF  
9-Dec-2019 PDF  
7-Sep-2019    pending
29-Aug-2019 PDF  
22-Aug-2019 PDF  
22-Feb-2019   See Section 6.1.2
19-Feb-2019 PDF  
8-Sept-2018   See Section 8
5-Sept-2018 PDF  
2/3-Mar-2018   See Page 6
12-Feb-2018 PDF  
9-Sept-2017   See Section 8
05-Sep-2017 PDF  
26-Feb-2017   See Page 2
8-Dec-2016 PDF  
10-Sep-2016   See Pages 7 & 8
30-Aug-2016 PDF  
20-Feb-2016   See Section 6.1.2
19-Feb-2016 PDF
02-Feb-2016 PDF  
12-Sep-2015 PDF See Section 8
25-Aug-2015 PDF  
28-Feb-2015   See Section 7
15-Dec-2014 PDF  
13-Sep-2014   See Section 8
1-Mar 2014   See page 11
27-Feb-2014 PDF  
12-Dec-2013 PDF  
19-Oct 2013   See Section 8
23-Feb 2013   See Section 6.1.1
18-Feb-2013 PDF  
20-Oct 2012   See Sections 6.1.1 & 7
3-Feb 2012   See Sections 6.1.1 & 7
2-Feb-2012 PDF  
21-Oct 2011   See Sections 6.1.1 & 9
21-Oct-2011 PDF  
24-Aug-2011 PDF  




























Posted: 8/5/2014