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Ruth Mary Petry's Final Glide

"Ruth Mary Petry, age 88, passed away peacefully September 17, 2004. Born in Syracuse New York on June 20 1916, Ruth Spent her life in the field of aviation. After graduation from Radcliff University in 1940 Ruth worked as an aerial photographer and researcher with John Hopkins, and Cornell. She was a member of the Women Air Force Service Pilots (WASPS) 1943-1944 and moved to Phoenix in 1957 with her employer, Aviation Crash Injury Research. She also worked for Sperry Corporation until her retirement. Ruth's love of aviation led her to take up soaring at an early age. Along with her brother Pete, they were both lifetime members of the Soaring Society of America. As an active member of Arizona Soaring, she spend literally every weekend at the airfield either being a crew or a tow pilot. In fact any who know soaring would recognize the name of Joe Lincoln as he wrote several books on the sport. She was personal friends with him and acted as crew for him many times. She id compete in Soaring Contests early in life and won a championship in Texas. Her niece, Janet Fagan and grandniece, Briana Fagan, survive her.

Anyone wishing to write to the family may do so in care of
Al & Nance Hume
5025 N. Central Ave. #626
Phoenix AZ 85012

Posted: 12/1/2004

Final Glide 

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