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Walter F. (Bud) Briggs

1923 – 2003

On April 3rd, 2003 Soaring lost a friend in Walter F. (Bud) Briggs. Bud became interested in soaring in 1951. He was one of the founders of the Iroquois Soaring Association then located at Highland Airport near Utica, NY. He and several of other soaring enthusiasts purchased a Schweizer TG-3 trainer and a Stinson L-5 tow plane. In 1965 the club purchased a Schweizer 2-22. Bud was one of the instructors as well as a tow pilot and gave me my first glider ride. After purchasing a Schweizer 1-26, serial 066, he earned his Silver C and Gold C Badges in 1958 and 1968 respectively. He competed with his 1-26 in regional and national contests. In 1965, Bud was the first winner of the Marion Cruce Trophy. The Marion Cruce Trophy is a large silver punch bowl, which was donated to the 1-26 Association in 1966 by Mr. & Mrs. Marion C. Cruce. This trophy is awarded each year to the 1-26 Champion for the highest scoring individual entry in the 1-26 Championships. In 1969 the Club moved to Cooperstown-Westville Airport where many informal weekend contests, which Bud helped organize, prepared club pilots for regional competion. In 1971 Bud and Dr. Lloyd Roberts won the first Estrella Team Trophy.

In 1969 Bud and Elihu Root purchased a Libelle 201. In 1974 he earned the last leg of his Diamond Badge, # 270, with a flight from Kirkville, NY near Syracuse to Chatham, Cape Cod, Massachusetts, a distance of 318 statute miles. Bud, always the competitor, competed in many regional and several national contests. He loved soaring as well as powered flight. He will be missed.

Moses Acee
Westmoreland, NY

Posted: 9/1/2003

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