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Denton E. Brome

Denton E. Brome passed away September 11, 2002 at the age of 82 from complications of cancer. Dent was born in New Brunswick, NJ and as a boy he rode his bicycle to the old Hadley Airport to watch the mail planes take off and land. As a teenager he did odd jobs and fueled planes there. Dent attended Rutgers University and joined the Civil Pilot Training Program. World War Ii saw Dent flying Corsairs for the Marines attaining the rank of Caption. Dent spent most of his working life as a pilot for TWA flying mostly Lockhead Constellations and Boeing 707s. He retired at age 60 as Captain in 1980.

Dent became interested in soaring during the early 1960s and joined Aero Club Albatross of New Jersey in 1965. Dent earned Silver C #1125, Gold C #461 and Diamond C #419. He also held one Lennie pin #194. In 1973, flying a Concept 70 sailplane he established a new altitude record for New Jersey of 14,375' with a gain of 12,475'. Dent was also an avid contest pilot, although he also enjoyed crewing. Rainy days meant liar dice games and beer. He loved just being there. There was never a dull moment with Dent Brome around. He was also an acive members of the "QBs" helping to establish a new local hangar.

Dent is survived by his wife Doris, three sons, one daughter and 11 grand children.

Karl Kretschmer

Posted: 12/1/2002

Final Glide 

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