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Douglas Lamont - Former Editor of Soaring Magazine

Doug Lamont had ancestors and friends in Denmark.

On reading that our friend, Doug Lamont, the former editor of Soaring, had passed away, we felt very sorry and let all the happy memories we had had in his and Lianna's company pass review. It will take too long to tell you how we got to know him and his family. We first met at our house in =rhus, Denmark, after the World Championships in Finland and then at their place in L.A. Later we met at the World Champs in France and Germany, both covering the events for our respective news media. In Doug we had found a cultivated, kindhearted, and steady friend in whose company we were at once able to relax and feel safe. The same was the case, when their daugter, Carolyn and her friends were present. Both Doug and Lianna were able musicians that lovers of classic music round Redway took advantage of, when they retired and settled down in the neighbourhood.

During their stay in Denmark we all went on a sight.seeing trip round the centre of Jutland ending up at the airfield of Silkeborg Flyveklub, where Doug had a flight in my K6. During our stay in California later, Doug and Lianna took us on a wonderful trip in their camper, first to the airfield at El.Mirage. Then to the famous national parks west and north of Fresno, best of all, the beautiful Yosemite Valley.

The stay at El Mirage was meant to offer me a chance to reach the gold altitude flying Doug's K6. Doug's friend, Gus Briegleb, the well-known glider constructor, was my towpilot. Unfortunately Doug's doubts about the soaring conditions that day had been justified. An altitude of 10500 feet was all I could get.

Doug Lamont's grandmother was a Dane, who was born in the island of Bornholm south of Sweden.

Inger and Carl Ulrich.

Posted: 9/1/2000

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