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John Bierens

It was June 1954, the then Toledo Glider Club was hosting a Midwest Soaring Contest at what was then the Toledo Municipal Airport. The gliders displayed then were mostly rebuilt and revised military training ships, Laister Kauffmanns, T-Gs, Schweizers and pure homebuilts.

The ship of most interest was the “Alibi”, a new glider which John Bierens and Kemp Trager had designed and built, and with which Kemp had won the previous National Soaring Championship at Elmira.

John was a very active member of our club in its operation at Toledo. In 1962 the old Toledo Airport closed and the club moved to Adrian, Michigan. Its name was changed to the Adrian Soaring Club. This was a time of struggle for survival for the club and John accepted the job as its treasurer. John’s management made it possible for the club to build our present large hangar and to purchase and maintain new equipment at a time when the club was in deep trouble financially.

John Bierens was an avid soaring pilot and will be remembered for taking early tows in his ASK-19 and spending the balance of the day in the blue or under the CUs.

Lois and John Bierens contributed immeasurably to the well-being and survival of the Adrian Soaring Club.

John and Lois will be long remembered. We wish Lois good health and well-being in her New Mexico environment!

We are pleased to learn that Jack Wyman has taken possession of the deteriorated “Alibi” and will begin a meticulous restoration project in the near future.

Posted: 8/1/1998

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