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Tim E. Mouat-Biggs - (1919-1997)

Tim was a man who was unbelievably humble about his considerable abilities and achievements. Aviation was his whole life. After 22 years in the South African Air Force Tim founded his own aviation workshop. He flew cropsprayers and dabbled in aerial photography on the side. But most of all, Tim will be remembered for his deep devotion to gliding. Having built and flown his own gliders, he subsequently became the agent for Schempp-Hirth in South Africa.

A South African and Rhodesian (Zimbabwe) national champion many times over, Tim represented his country at several World Gliding Championships with distinction. A World Record holder, he showed the dedication, patience and skill which these achievements demand.

Around his club, Tim will be sorely missed, firstly for his contributions to safety - he never stopped second guessing safety and nobody could hear his comments without pausing to think. Cross country flying will never be as adventurous again. Every weekend the "old man" would venture forth and the rest would follow, stretching their abilities which Tim encouraged.

Tim conducted ongoing correspondence with glider friends on each continent and will be missed around the world.

This aviation giant met his untimely death doing what he loved, but it is especially ironic that a man with the best "spotter" eyes for other aircraft should die as a result of a mid-air collision. Tim never really recovered from the loss of his beloved wife, Joan, and we hope they are happily reunited in the "big sky."

- Ron Clarke

Posted: 5/1/1997

Final Glide 

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