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William Russell Moore

"Bill" Moore made his final glide on April 29th, 2015, after a truly remarkable & adventurous life ....

He was raised in Ontario, Canada while the war was raging in Europe. Meanwhile, young Bill watched as enthusiastic men joined the RCAF. Many enlisted due to the aviation heroes of that era ... Lindberg, etc. Later, dad observed a "Gypsy Moth" bi-plane barnstorm low over his backyard ... the seeds of a lifelong passion had been planted.

After establishing a family and a successful TV/radio repair business, Dad's quest for adventure had us packing up the 1960 VW bus & immigrating to the promise land ... San Diego, California.

A few years later ... while driving down highway 101 near Torrey Pines, dad & I were astonished by the sight of a glider flying majestically along a steep cliff that overlooks the ocean. Before I knew it, dad had the old Rambler fishtailing up a dusty road leading to a flight shack surrounded by gliders. Wow ... what a great day! After our 1st flight, we both knew that we had forged a long lasting bond through a shared enthusiasm for aviation.

Life was good. By 1966, dad had joined the AGCSC glider club where he happily met Janet, his second wife. Over the years he held various club positions including managing a Torrey Pines meet in the early 70's. He also became a lifetime member with SSA, accomplished the Gold altitude gain and earned his Silver C badge.

Prior to retirement, dad spent 10 yrs. hand building a "Gypsy" U/L from plans, conceived by pioneer designer John Chota. The aircraft now proudly resides in the "Yanks Air Museum", in Chino, California. After retirement from General Atomics as a nuclear reactor electrical engineer, he spontaneously bought a Cessna 150. His humorous solo T-shirt reads, "DID IT WITH AN ENGINE".

Over the coming years, "Juliet" (his beloved C-150), became his magic carpet ride. Every year dad came to visit us during the EAA Arlington Fly-in & one summer, actually flew Juliet here. Dad took great joy in assisting our family's aircraft repair business during those bustling air shows. Going on dawn patrol around the San Jaun Islands spotting killer whales was another enjoyable activity.

He lived the dreams of his youth & will be remembered by his unique, kind character that enjoyed sharing his passion for aviation.

"High Flight" was his favorite poem & I'll close his life story with a quote from just the first line, "Oh! I have slipped the surly bonds of earth and danced the skies on laughter-silvered wings"

My sisters, Lu-ann Coe & Lynda Lewis, and myself would greatly appreciate any photos or stories that you would be willing to share. Better yet, once a firm date has been set, please come join us at the "Flight Shack" at Torrey Pines to celebrate his life and good times.


Posted: 6/24/2015

Final Glide 

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