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Marvin Willis

Marvin Willis passed away while on a square dancing vacation with his wife Betty.

Marvin started flying in the 50's at the original TSA location at Grand Prairie Municipal Airport on Jefferson street flying in WWII surplus gliders and towing in the club's Waco. He built and flew a BG-12, and owned a series of sailplanes including a HP-11, a Standard Libelle, a Ventus, and of course his beautiful 1-26 "097".

It is quite fitting that Marvin won the Team trophy in the 1-26 contest in June of this year. He also took home the "Old Goat" Award, the "Old Toad" Award, and the "Spiffy" Award. His trophies are in the club house and Marvin's victory banner is proudly flying in the tow plane hangar.

Marvin good humor and free spirit will be missed around the field. I think I'll really miss his harmonica and ukulele playing on the radio to announce that he was coming home on final glide during contests.

Bob O'Neal
TSA President

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Posted: 9/14/2010

Final Glide 

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