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Howard Haig

Howard Haig, Redlands CA.

July 13, 1941 * January 9, 2009

Howard was a Man of Extremes ... a hanglider pilot, sailplane pilot, power pilot, scuba diver, race boat driver, waterskier and fisherman. He had over 1500 skydives and 300 base Jumps from some of the most remote places in the world.

Howard's first sailplane, W8, was a Mini-Nimbus and he soon moved up to a new, W8, an ASW 20, and later to a Ventus Ca. He flew mostly out of Hemet, but also out of Tehachapi and Cal City in the deserts and mountains of California

Howard was a successful framing contractor and a devoted father of two sons, Michael and Todd. Michael, who graduated from Cal Poly Pomona, is a successful investment banker, Todd had taken over the framing business.

Howard was able to directly participate in Todd's waterskiing as tow boat driver. At the young age of 14 Todd won his class in the around Catalina waterski race at better than 60 MPH, a win which he repeated eight different years. Todd won the World waterski championships in Australia, and Howard towed for Todd as well as other youngsters at many Worlds, "Down Under" and in Europe over the years.

As a testiment of the many friends that Howard had touched, over four hundred people attend his Celebration of life.

Submitted by Roy Cundiff

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Posted: 2/10/2009

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