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Welcome to the FRTF home page

This task force is charged with examining the present governance and management structure of the Society and the related SSA Foundation, identifying their deficiencies and proposing such alterations as seem necessary for the Society and Foundation to be able to support and foster the sport in the decades that lie ahead.

The task force has released its mid-term report. This report provides you, the SSA member an opportunity to review the thoughts and views of the task force members. It also gives you the opportunity to review, and comment on, the preliminary findings of the FRTF. Click the "Contact me" tab to submit your comments and thoughts.

Members of the task force are:

Click here for the full task force member and advisor list.
Click here for the full text of the task force charter.
Click here for charter notes and recommendations.

To contact the FRTF please use the form located here or you may choose to make personal contact with any of the FRTF members by clicking on their name above and choosing "contact me".

Posted: 1/19/2007

Future Restructuring Task Force 

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