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Report from the Review Task Force

The Review Task Force (RTF) was created in the fall of 2006 by authority of the Board of Directors to monitor and review all activities of the Soaring Society of America Board Of Directors, Executive Committee, Soaring Society of America office staff at Hobbs and the Emergency Business Task Force. The members of the RTF are Misti Harth, David Pixton and Thomas Dixon.

The members are independent of SSA management and leadership and therefore are impartial and provide transparency for the review process. It is the task of the RTF to report to the Executive Committee, Board of Directors and the general Membership, "...any indications of conflict of interest or any other actions that are not in the best interest of the membership..." The RTF has had access to all Executive Committee and Board of Directors meetings and communications.

The RTF reported at the Board meeting held in Memphis that there was no actions during their operation that required notification as set out in their Charter.

Thomas Dixon
Member, Review Task Force

Posted: 2/19/2007