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Kitty Hawk BOD Mtg Complete

 Nags Head, NC --

  Saturday morning saw the Fall Board meeting completed with attendance by all but two Directors. The Kitty Hawk venue allowed joint attendance with the National Soaring Museum's Barnaby Lecture activities and the celebration of Soaring100.

  Business items concluded were election of 2012 Officers. Al Tyler will serve as Chairman, David Pixton as Treasurer and first Vice Chair, Frank Whiteley as Secretary, and Diane Black Nixon and Ken Sorenson as Vice Chairs to fill the Executive Committee.

  Directors at Large were elected as  Howard Banks, Dianne Black Nixon,  Burt Compton, Art Greenfield for NAA,  David Pixton, Ken Sorenson, Peter Smith for 2012.

  Group insurance plan coverage improvements were noted as private pilot towing coverage, reciprocal site towing coverage, non-named pilot warranty for towing, winch coverage ( which has not been utilized), and resumption of higher levels of  claims-free discounting.

  In contest news, there was discussion of insurance liability limits for entrants and staffing mechanics for confirmation of levels of coverage.

  The  Soaring Magazine readership survey is still underway until October 30.

  Soaring Safety Foundation's report included a discussion of human factors and decision making training as primary components of the 2011 accident rate. The Reno Convention will see a safety stand down to invite member participation in brainstorming and discussion of products or programs to increase safety culture in coming seasons and all operations. Burt Compton was reelected as a Trustee of the SSF for another three year term. Quite a long discussion covered many aspects of training and safety and accidents of the 2011 season, and how the Board and SSF can increase opportunities to alter the safety culture around the nation.

  The SSA Foundation reelected Penn Smith and John Godfrey as Trustees of SSA's investments for three year terms. Directors and Officers insurance will be purchased to cover those trustees while managing the SSA's assets.

  The League of Silent Flight was accepted as an SSA Affiliate.  The movie project titled Cloudstreet for PBS distribution was offered a conditional grant pledge. The amended Strategic Plan for 2012-2016 was adopted by the Board. A committee will be established to review the topic of headquarters location.  The Hall of Fame nominations were accepted as presented, and will proceed in a mailing to members-of-15 years-or-longer-affiliation for ratification. The report from the 2011 Annual Meeting committee was received with thanks for the group's service.

  The next Board meeting will be held in Reno, Nevada in conjunction with the  2012 Convention.

C. Brickner

Posted: 10/22/2011