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OLC Seeks US Pilot Comments

    Hello glider pilots in America: How are you today?

    There is no doubt, the SSA-OLC is continuing on its way upwards.
Last year, we had nearly 1,000 competitors - this year there are significantly more than 1,000 competitors (as of the Sept. 19, 1,186).

    But the SSA-OLC is not only a very successful decentralized glider competition, it should also be a platform for the US glider community.   In order to make the site more lively, please feel free to write any interesting remarks you have about your flight in the 'comment pilot' field when you claim your flight (round about 50 words, or more, would be very nice).

     A few hours later, we will copy the most interesting comment of the day and upload it to on the main OLC site in the 'NEWS' section. Perhaps we will complete the comment with showing the flight track. This is your chance to tell the 'world of soaring' what a great flight you had.

    We think this is a good step to bring more activity in the SSA-OLC scene.       Enjoy the OLC!  -- Reiner Rose

Posted: 9/24/2009