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Update from the SSA Executive Committee

We have recently had a number of questions from members regarding the status of various significant societal issues that were discussed earlier in the month.

Since our last letter on September 13, all of our efforts have been directed toward working the issues themselves, as well as preparing for the next Executive Committee and full Board of Directors meetings on September 29th and 30th in Albuquerque. We expect a large number of issues to be resolved during those meetings. Please expect a major communication from SSA leadership the week thereafter.

A new person to handle SSA’s finances has been hired, and is now working in headquarters.

Additionally, we are pleased to report that FedEx has agreed to serve as a corporate sponsor of a portion of the SSA Convention in Memphis.


C. Dianne Black-Nixon, Chairman of the Board
Jim Skydell, First Vice Chair
Doug Easton, Vice Chair
John Volkober, Vice Chair
Dean Carswell, Secretary

Posted: 9/25/2006