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Changes to SSA.org

We are currently making a number of significant changes to SSA.org. During this reorganization there will be a few changes to the menu structure, if something is no longer where you expect to see it then scan through the menu for it or send an email to webmaster@ssa.org.

The biggest change underway is to devolve ownership of the website content to the volunteer committees that do so much of the work of the SSA in the soaring community. By doing this we have created a new group of website sub-editors who are better equipped to keep the web site content fresh, relevant, and interesting for you. An example of this is that the Badge and Record Committee now has ownership of the page located at 'Home > Soaring Achievement > Badge Info' and has consolidated both old and new resources on their area of responsibility into their home page. Also be sure to check out the home page of the weather resources task force located at 'Home > News & Information > Weather'!

For a listing of SSA volunteers and volunteer committees go to 'Home > The SSA > Governance' and choose 'volunteer committees'. The SSA is constantly seeking individuals who want to get involved and help soaring!

Posted: 7/19/2007

E-Communications Committee 

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