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Member Homepages
Every SSA member now has their own homepage at ssa.org. To go to your homepage click here (you must be logged in to ssa.org to access this feature). Member homepages offer you a number of new capabilities...

Update your member profile online
Click on 'Profile' in the right side configure sidebar to access and update your current SSA membership information online.

View your history of soaring achievements
Click on 'My Achievements' to see the history of all your badges, state and national soaring records, and soaring contest results.

Create and view your own member photo gallery
Click on 'My Gallery' to see all the photos that you have uploaded to the public SSA website gallery (photos of general soaring interest) and your own member photo gallery. Upload photos and control where they are displayed using the 'Upload Photo' link.

Create your own member blog
Your blog can be used for a multitude of purposes; for example it can be an open diary, an educational forum, an outlet to publish your work, or pretty much anything else you might think of. Create a new blog item by clicking on the 'New Blog Item' link. All member blogs are accessible under 'Home > News & Information > Member Blogs'. For more information on creating your own member blog click here.

Please click here for guidelines and information on member posting to the SSA website.

SSA Webmaster

Posted: 4/24/2007

E-Communications Committee 

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The SSA policy on member posting is located here