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Changes to SSA News

The SSA is largely a volunteer driven organization. We have 26 directors, about 100 state governors and record keepers, and more than 100 members who participate in the various committees and task forces that do much of the work of the society.

Communication between SSA volunteers and the general membership of the society is sometimes difficult. Soaring Magazine reaches all our members but the publishing delay makes it a poor conduit for some material. The SSA website offers a much more immediate communiction channel but until now the mechanism used to get news posted on the website has proven to be a bottleneck.

Today a new General News section is up and running on the SSA website. It is accessible in the same way as the previous incarnation...

  1. At the SSA home page through the 'NEWS' sidebar which brings you the most recent articles.
  2. Under 'Home > News & Information > General News' where you can find more news articles, including some not posted to the SSA home page sidebar, and also an archive of all past articles.

So, what's different about this new feature and why is it better than the old? The big difference is in how News articles are posted. All of our volunteer committees now have their own home pages (find these under 'Home > The SSA > Volunteers') with editorial control over their own news sections. News from committees is consolidated to feed the new General News page. So for example the contest committee members or publicity committee members can post news and information directly to General News without involving our SSA staff.

We hope that this new feature will help keep members in touch with the inner workings of their society.

Posted: 3/11/2007

E-Communications Committee 

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