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SSA Launches New Online E-Newsletter

SSA members, please visit the Members Section of the SSA web site! Log in with your membership ID and password, click on "E-Newsletter", and have a look at the newest form of communication from your society.

Edited by Region 12 volunteer Ann Cousineau (with a goal of publishing weekly), this E-Newsletter is the result of a desire by SSA leaders to keep members better informed of the day to day workings of our society. The necessary three-month lag time between submission of material and publication in Soaring Magazine made such timely communication impossible in the past.

Your comments, suggestions and material (both photo and text) for inclusion in this newest feature of the SSA web site are solicited, and will be appreciated. Please send submissions or comments to socialmedia@ssa.org.

Posted: 12/2/2004

E-Communications Committee 

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