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Benefits of Membership

Updated February 23rd, 2013

If you soar, or if you're interested in soaring, the SSA is where you belong! As a member you'll receive the following benefits...

  1. Receipt of SSA's monthly magazine, SOARING, the single periodical in the US devoted to all aspects of the sport of soaring.
  2. F.A.I. soaring badge applications processed at no charge. (Non-member fee is $20/leg)
  3. Eligibility to earn A,B,C, and Bronze badges under SSA's ABC Training Program, with free issuance of lapel pins and certificate cards when earned.
  4. SSA membership lapel pin, when first joining.
  5. Free issuance of Silver and Gold Badge lapel pins when first earned. ($10.00 and $34.00 value respectively) Non-members may purchase these pins at cost plus shipping, provided SSA can validate their documents.
  6. Free 3-stone crown piece when Diamond Badge is completed. ($40.00 value) Non-members may purchase these pins at cost plus shipping, provided SSA can validate their documents.
  7. Processing of national and world soaring record applications.
  8. Eligibility to establish state soaring records.
  9. Right to vote in the elections of one's Regional Director(s) thus expressing a voice in the development of soaring and in the service SSA provides.
  10. SSA membership card.
  11. A three-inch decal of the SSA emblem.
  12. Copy of F.A.I. Soaring Awards, Rules and Procedures available upon request.
  13. Service of SSA office in helping to solve individual problems and in promotional work.
  14. Numerous items are published by SSA to help soaring enthusiasts, including lists of clubs, schools, how to start a club, suggested bylaws, etc.
  15. SSA sanctions and sets rules and standards for national and regional soaring championships in which members may compete, if qualified, to test themselves.
  16. Eligibility to participate in group sailplane hull and liability insurance as well as group personal benefits insurance.
  17. Delegate status at annual membership meeting and biennial soaring convention.
  18. SSA branded soaring merchandise available from the SSA office.
  19. Access to SSA digital media channels:

(Subject to periodic review and change. No transfers or survivors benefits available.)

Additional Benefits which are not always obvious

  • SSA, through the International Gliding Commission, is the F.A.I. representative for soaring in the United States. The Federation Aeronautique Internationale (F.A.I.) is the international governing body for all forms of sport aviation. We supervise the establishment of world, U.S., and state soaring records, issue F.A.I. soaring badges, sanction competitions, and select and field the U.S. team for the World Championships.
  • As the national organization representing most soaring enthusiasts, SSA protects and represents soaring interest as they are affected by actions of the FAA, FCC and other Governmental agencies. The Soaring Society recommends rule changes and comments knowledgeably on proposed rule making.
  • The efforts of the SSA in the growth and promotion of soaring activity have helped the sport grow in the United States. This growth creates a demand for more and better sailplanes, towplanes, auxiliary equipment, instructional literature, etc.
  • SSA's volunteer structure is one of the strong points of the organization. The talented and knowledgeable volunteer chairmen and their supporting committees serve the membership and offer their specialized assistance to members.
  • The Soaring Society promotes development of other soaring groups, such as the National Soaring Museum, 1-26 Association, Vintage Sailplane Association, Sailplane Homebuilders Association, The League of Silent Flight, Freedom's Wings, International, The Auxiliary-powered Soaring Association, The Women Soaring Pilots Association, The Collegiate Soaring Association, and The World Class Soaring Association through its Affiliate and Division status.
Member Categories
LIFE MEMBER: Receives all benefits listed on the Benefits Listing. Contact the office for details.
FULL MEMBER: Receives all benefits listed on the Benefits Listing.
ASSOCIATE MEMBER: Available only to Full Members 75 years of age or older with 5 consecutive years of membership without a break, and renewing Associate Members. Receives benefits 1, 12-13, 15-16, 18-19 as listed on the Benefits Listing.
YOUTH MEMBER: Available only to persons age 22 or less. Receives all benefits as listed on the Benefits Listing.
FAMILY MEMBER: Available to any person in the same family/household of a voting member. Receives benefits 3-19 as listed on the Benefits Listing.
INTRODUCTORY MEMBER: Available to prospective members for other categories on a one-time basis.  Receives limited benefits 1 (three issues of SOARING magazine), 2, 3, 5, 10-16, 18-19 on the Benefits Listing.  Age 18 and over limited to three months duration.  Under age 18 sign up here.

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