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Working Together - Eagle Fund Drive '15

  For many years the SSA has had an Eagle Fund Campaign  to help sustain its daily operations, and fund numerous projects. This year we need your assistance once again to help fund several of these projects.

  For the coming year, we want to make certain our website stays up to date with current information and events on the front page. There is also a need to insure information on all pages is up to date and all links work properly. When someone becomes interested in the sport, the first thing they do is Google it. It’s important we have the latest information posted to attract people and give them correct and current information. Our long-time webmaster extraordinaire, Doug Easton, who totally revamped our website last year, concentrates on the behind the scenes structure of our website. We are hiring someone part time to concentrate on the day to day updating of information of all pages of our site, and to keep current information on the front page.

Another exciting project we will be working on for the coming year comes from the Growth & Development Committee. The Committee has approved accepting the donation of sailplanes to be used at aviation events to help attract the curious to our sport. These sailplanes will be used as static displays and people will have the opportunity to actually climb into the cockpit and take to the skies (in their imagination). The project is called “Kids in Cockpits,” but the Committee hopes the opportunity to sit in a cockpit will be of interest not only to kids but adults alike. The Growth & Development Committee has already accepted the donations of two gliders, but they need your help in getting the sailplanes in “eye catching” shape.

If you have never donated to the Eagle Fund Campaign, we hope you will consider making a much-appreciated contribution this year. If you are a veteran giver, we hope you will consider it again worthy of your support. It is through your donations we are able to fund many programs. No donation is too large or too small, and all will be truly appreciated. I hope you will make your donation today to not only help sustain the day to day operations of your organization, but to help fund these two worthy projects.

Donors to this year’s Eagle Fund campaign may still designate the programs they wish to support with their contributions. Some of you may wish to allow your donations to be applied flexibly, as current events warrant, at the Director’s discretion. 

We’re building for our future and we’re implementing new programs along the way. In order to implement and administer programs, we need your help. Your continued support of the SSA is needed. The support received in Eagle Fund donations allow us to delay dues increases for general operations expenses.Because your donations are greatly appreciated, we want to better recognize your generosity by continuing the following gifting levels:

Diamond Donor - $2,000 and above
Gold Donor - $500 - $1,999
Silver Donor - $101 - $499
Bronze Donor - $1 - $100

Whether you are a Bronze or Diamond Donor, each of your donations are important to us, and we greatly appreciate them. You may also choose to make a donation to the Eagle Fund online here.

Thank you,
Denise Layton
Chief Operating Officer

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